dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Follow up on the FB story....

I understand FB has to make profit to live up to the overrated expectations on the stock market but I wish they would at least keep the notifications to the fans free and prioritized like the other social media. I detest the idea to raise my prices to cover the FB costs! Normally when you choose to advertise you want to expand your business but as a doll maker I cannot even keep up with the demand as it is so I am not really looking for expansion.  I do hope Fb will change this policy. Btw....on Instagram I saw a picture of Sami dolls where she showed how to increase the chance of getting an update. In case someone doesn't know it, here's a picture.....

It is in Dutch but I think you get the idea...

I also activated my twitter account : 



<3 Esther 

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