vrijdag 27 maart 2015


Caleeze is a Waldorf inspired doll of almost 18", she is made of cotton jersey and filled with clean carded organic wool. Her sculpted face is hand embroidered with DMC cotton thread and her hair is wefted mohair crochet in a dark brown brushed mohair cap.

Caleeze wears a white cotton tunique/dress and pants which I've made of the same fabric. Her shoes are made of (crochet) cotton in Mary Jane style. The rest of her wardrobe contains a long lined hooded jacket/coat with glass lampwork beads as buttons.I've also knitted a white cotton cardigan for the chilly days.

Extra; sleeveless floral dress made of cotton fabric by Olivia and Bella.

Doll not intended for children under 5 years old.

dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Princess Polly

From the moment Polly laid her eyes on the gorgeous princess outfit made by Reggie, she only wants to be a princess. I showed her the prettiest fabrics but she's a bit of a stubborn girl, she'd made up her mind.

Princess Polly stands 17" and has sunkissed skin. Her long silky hair is mohair weft. She comes with a knitted woolen cardigan in the color white and crochet Mary janes.

 Doesn't she have the cutest profile?

Is my crown straight? I want to look as pretty as possible

Just sitting is sooo dull.....

What about lying down? 

donderdag 15 januari 2015


One of the most amazing places in the Netherlands to watch blooming crocuses is 'Het lange Voorhout' in The Hague, our former residence. It is a beautiful street (kind of ) between the buildings of our Parliament and the work palace of the King. We used to go there every year for a walk in February. Crocuses make me so happy; they are the announcers of Spring. Spring is by far my most favorable season of the year, probably because I was born in Spring ;)

As a tribute to this beautiful and special flower, I've made a doll with crocuses in her hair and matching clothing colors. Her face is sculpted. I know a sculpted face in not exactly Waldorf Style but it's so much fun doing it that I've tried to compensate the sculpted face with a very traditional Waldorf style body. The arms are button jointed for example. I love the fact that those arms are easier to pose instead of my regular floppy arms.

Cecile Crocus is 17" tall, has sunkissed skin and hazelnut brown eyes. Cecile will bring joy and happiness but as you can see in her eyes, she's also a bit of a mischief! Cecile wears a linen dress and underneath her dress a white jersey shirt and white jersey pants. Around her neck a silk (some photo's) hand felted scarf. And crochet shoes of course. The crocuses are made of wool felt. 

Cecile will be uploaded in my Etsy store on January 15th at 5.00 pm EDT/23.00u.CET.