zaterdag 27 september 2014

Dolly Background information

Today the Bibi Bonanza will start; 5 X-mas slots, a doll auction and a buy-now-listing. I cannot deny that I pretty excited about it. I think the X-mas slots speak for themselves but I would like to tell you something about the RTG-dolls. First there is Layla:

Layla is made of Swiss jersey. I often use the doll skin of De Witte Engel but once in a while I like to vary. Swiss jersey is less stretchy so even if you use your regular pattern, the outcome is different due to the characterics of the fabric. Layla's eyes are catching brown, she seems to be able to look right into your soul but although she has that serious look, her freckles reveal a bit mischievousness, don't be fooled! Layla features beautiful long locks that I've washed (and soaked and washed and washed) and dyed myself. It is a mix a various browns that gives Layla that magical appearance. Change the light and the luster changes along. She's wearing a dress made of Tilda fabric; I love that fabric! Not only the colors are always enchanting, the cotton never lets you down while sewing thanks to a certain firmness. I've also knitted a cardigan and a scarf. It's funny to notice I am automatically adjusting the girls wardrobes to the chilly weather. Crochet boots make her outfit complete. Layla is the sweet and patient one. She's excited about meeting her new mom but she will never show. She needs a mommy who will see her through and knows that 'still water runs deep'. Layla likes to be part of life, she's not the closet sitting type. If you're thinking about adoption her please include her into your household business and give her lots of love. She will never whine about attention but she certainly needs it.


Crystal is the sweetest doll I've ever made. She has been sitting on my desk for weeks just waiting for me to finish the custom dolls, watching all my moves and smiling at me with her heart melting smile.
She is wearing a thick quality linen white dress and white crochet somewhat lace shoes. The name Crystal and a white outfit seemed appropriate for this little angelic girl with her mesmerizing face and her sweet curls. She is the comforting type; she will share the beautiful moments with you and be there for you during challenging times. 

Crystal is also made of Swiss jersey but this time I used a different pattern. Her limbs are more straight, her body is longer than my usual dolls and she has broader shoulders. She's softer than my other dolls probably because she has that cuddly image. I don't always know why dolls turn out the way they do. That's the beauty of making dolls (and other forms of art) ; a part of the making process seems to occur unconsciously like it has a will of its own. Therefore no dolls will be ever be the same.

donderdag 3 juli 2014

Wee one

Today I finished this little one, she is 6" tall and has everything the big dollies have, even a belly button and a tiny butt. Het hair is made of Blue faced Leicester locks, natural color. I was suprised to notice how much time goes into making this tiny doll. The shoes are crochet with the smallest hook and the thinnest crochet yarn I could find. I think she's even cuter in real life...

This wee doll is part of a custom but I love making them so maybe I will make some more in the next couple of months. It is almost Summer vacation here so the work pace will be a bit slower with the kids around but since doll making is so relaxing for me it will be a perfect vacation activity!

zondag 22 juni 2014

Oh, I am so in love with this lambie I made for a dear friend. The design and pattern is from Lali Doll Nursery. Very well written, highly recommended!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Follow up on the FB story....

I understand FB has to make profit to live up to the overrated expectations on the stock market but I wish they would at least keep the notifications to the fans free and prioritized like the other social media. I detest the idea to raise my prices to cover the FB costs! Normally when you choose to advertise you want to expand your business but as a doll maker I cannot even keep up with the demand as it is so I am not really looking for expansion.  I do hope Fb will change this policy. Btw....on Instagram I saw a picture of Sami dolls where she showed how to increase the chance of getting an update. In case someone doesn't know it, here's a picture.....

It is in Dutch but I think you get the idea...

I also activated my twitter account : 



<3 Esther 

maandag 16 juni 2014

Other social media

Pfew, time really flies by. It has been so long since I wrote on my blog, I am feeling a bit ashamed.
I want to let you know I am exploring other types of social media but Facebook since they are forcing business owners to pay for showing updates to their own fans. Last couple of times I paid more and more and even then not all fans got the notification. Instead of giving privilige to my followers, Fb decided to focus mainly on getting more likes. That makes sense from the Fb perspective since more fans means more advertisement money next time.

So, I created accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and I will be more active on my blog and my Flickr account. I hope I can keep serving my dear followers this way because without your support and kindness, doll making will be far less fun. I love y'all!  (don't ask me why this is such a difficult number)