Info & prices 

Prices of a Bibi Butterscotch Doll (in Euro's) : 

12" € 165
14" € 185
16" € 205
18" € 225
20" € 260
22" € 300

Additional costs for wefted hair like Teeswater locks or Mohair € 20.

(Here you can find a Currency Converter )

You can choose between doll skins from the Witte Engel or the Swiss organic Jersey.  The wool I use for stuffing is also organic, locks for the hair are washed and dyed by myself with harmless dye. The locks are sewn into wefts and attached to the head weft by weft. Brushed mohair is attached string by string to a crocheted cap, so the hair can be put in tales, brads, etc.

I make all the dolls from the heart from beginning to end. It takes appr. 3-5 days to completely finish a doll including crocheted or felt boots and making clothes. Clothes will be made of natural materials like cotton, wool, wool felt or silk. You will receive a birth certificate, care instructions, a beeswax block for coloring the cheeks when they get pale over time and a lavender sachet to keep away the wool loving moths if you store the doll for a while.

Remind shipping and handling costs:

To the Netherlands € 7
Europe € 22,00
All over the world € 27,00

All shipments are with track & trace and insurance.

Average shipping time:To the Netherlands: 1-2 days. To the rest of Europe is 5-7 days. To the U.S. 5 days to 2 weeks. To Australia, South America and Africa 1-3 weeks.

When ordering keep in mind that shipping time can vary a lot due to customs and local post services. If you are living in a sparsely populated area they sometimes save packages to a certain amount before they ship further. So be sure you keep that in mind when ordering for a certain event like birthdays and Christmas. My experience is that shipping time is most of the time faster than the stated average times, but there is no guarantee unfortunately.

♥ Esther